Grilled Flatbreads

Tomato/fresh mozzarella/basil  $10.00 | with pepperoni $10.50

Spinach/red onion/cherry peppers/spicy asiago  $11.00

Corn/cheddar/bacon/scallion  $11.50

Butternut Squash/roasted mushrooms/manchego & truffle oil $13.00

Figs/proscuitto/gorgonzola/balsamic  $13.50

Roasted Chicken/Barbq sauce/cheddar/fried shallots  $13.00

Braised short rib/gorgonzola/arugula  $14.50

Smokey garlic shrimp/roasted red pepper/grilled scallions & saffron aioli  $14.50

Roast shallots/rosemary/goat cheese/candied orange & arugula $13.50


Take Home Flatbreads!
In addition to being cooked, our flatbreads are available UNCOOKED! They cook very fast and uncooked is advisable for bulk purchases or if not eaten immediately. Uncooked flatbreads can be frozen and cooked without thawing as well. To order, call us at 781.837.2900.


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