Other Plates

Pounded ribeye w/ shoestring fries & truffle oil $17.00

Braised short rib w/ grilled sweet onions, pickapepper-mango jus & mashed potato $16.00

Grilled Statler Chicken breast w/ roasted sweet potato, spinach, crushed marcona almonds
                                                                                               & bourbon-brown suger vinaigrette $14.00

Cuban Sandwich, pressed w/ roast pork, ham, manchego cheese pickle-pepper relish, aioli & dijon $6.50

Cast Iron Paella w/ saffron, artichoke, red peppers, peas, chicken, shrimp & chorizo  16.00

Fish taco’s, (warm corn or flour tortilla) Fish, shaved red cabbage, avocado crema, tomato salsa & corn relish $14.00


Fideos: Toasted & Baked  Spanish Style Pasta

House - 4 cheese/roasted tomato/cream  $12.00

Italian - mushrooms/peas/cream/parmasan truffle oil  $14.00



Mixed greens/sherry vinaigrette  $7.50

Caesar  $8.50



Emma’s Churros with chocolate sauce  $6.00

Seasonal sweet flatbreads  $11.00

Chocolate espresso Torte (flourless) w/ whipped cream $9.00


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Paella HOla tapas

Sweet flatbread tapas HOla

Apres Hola

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