Cold Tapas


Dry cured chorizo, fried white beans & crumbs w/ rosemary oil $8.50

Charred rare beef w/ arugula, toasted gorgonzola, fried shallots & sherry-fig drizzle $12.00


Hot Tapas

Fried curried green beans with lemon aioli  $7.00

Fried potato wedges “Spanish style” w/ smoked/tomato vinaigrette/lemon aioli  $6.00

Roasted dates/bacon/mango  $8.00

Saffron rice croquettes with romesco  $3.00   each

Grilled cauliflower/mojo/fried capers/crispy shallots  $8.50

“Cecina“,  (ceci bean pancake) w/ mascarpone cheese & arugula pesto $8.50

Chicken empanadas/corn/black beans/cheese & scallion $4.00  each

Spicy steak empanadas  $4.00  each

Steamed Mussels w/ a light creamy,wine broth & toast tips $12.00

Fried calamari/hot & sweet chili vinaigrette/lemon aoili $12.00

Potato & Salt Cod Croquettes w/ lemon aioli $3.00  each

Skillet of wild shrimp w/ smoked paprika/garlic & lemon $12.00


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